[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

Jean Magnan de Bornier jean at bornier.net
Fri Sep 9 09:27:47 CDT 2005

Le 08 septembre à 08:53:19 wino at piments.com écrit notamment:

| On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 14:21:26 +0200, Jean Magnan de Bornier  
| <jean at bornier.net> wrote:
| > Sound level appears now ok for dns;
| Great news.
| > I have to read two phrases, and then a longer text; in this last
| > exercise dns gets lost after two lines of text. All the cpu is taken by
| > wine-preloader processes and this does not appears to ever stop.  There
| > were (last time) 23 wine-preloader processes running!
| I have never had that sort of problem.
| I cant recall the official minimum mem req for dns7 but as a guide I would  
| expect it to crawl with 256M and fly with 512M
| Speach rec is memory hungry process and will speed up considerably if  
| given more RAM, but I have not seen it get stuck as you describe.
| > Would it be something like not enough space allocated to wine??
| Unless you are near zero on that partition I dont think that is likely.
| It may be worth limitting the number of unknows if you want to get it  
| working quicker.
| I would suggest you try a known, working combination of wine version ,  
| sound drivers and get it to working and then try to update wine and try  
| different drivers if you wish.

This advice about wine versions has been precious: it was certainly naive
to install the program with one version of wine and configure it with
another one.  I tried the may version to reinstall dns7, but that couldn't
be done; then I reverted to the july version, and I both installed and
finally configured dns!

Oh joy! My user's files are there, waiting for me!

Now it won't start, but I'm being confident: this thing accepts one more
thing every day, not more; so maybe tomorrow, after a reboot (probably
unneeded, but there seems to be a real addiction about reboot for these
strange animals!), it will run ok, if not I might post the logs...

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