Walt Ogburn reuben at
Sun Sep 11 21:15:22 CDT 2005

Hi guys,

Eric Tanguy asked on wine-users a while back about getting some geography
games ( to run.  These seem to
be Visual Basic, so oleaut32 issues come up.  We succeeded with the first
one (departments of France - font size problem fixed).  Next, there is the
issue that some of them call GetIDsOfNames on ole font objects (countries
of Europe,
OLEFontImpl_GetIDsOfNames is currently a stub.  What's needed is basically
just to convert the strings "Name", "Size", "Bold", etc. into
DISPID_FONT_NAME, etc.  In particular, this game only needs "Size."

It's not hard to code that, and make the game work.  I'm not sure, though,
what the proper approach would be for an acceptable patch:

1. Just code in the string comparisons, ignoring the locale.  (Google
provides no evidence that the property names vary by locale).

2. Call GetTypeInfo to get an ITypeInfo, and call DispGetIDsOfNames on
that.  I think this means that the information should be extracted from
stdole32.tlb.  Currently this doesn't find any match for these property
names.  Do they need to be added to stdole32.tlb somehow?

3. Something else.

Any ideas?


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