Empire Earth continued

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Sep 12 07:28:21 CDT 2005

> Best would be to write a 'DDraw' test (integrated in the test suite) to be
> able to check reference counting in some 'standard' cases (surface
> creation, D3D object creation, ...).
I am afraid this will have to wait a few days, as I don't have access to any 
Windows machine the next days.

> Well, as we call a DDraw 'method' to create the surface, you should add the
> AddRef call there. For the release, it should be in the 'final_release'
> call for the surface (AFAIK, each surface already stores a pointer to its
> parent DDraw object).
How about this one? It increases the refcount in Main_DirectDraw_AddSurface 
and decreases it in Main_DirectDraw_RemoveSurface, the places where the 
surface is attached / removed from the DirectDraw7's surface list.
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