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James Hawkins truiken at
Wed Sep 14 17:15:06 CDT 2005


As soon as the last hhctrl patch is committed (embedding in the
correct window), HTML Help will be functional.  That means that you
can open up a chm help file with wine's help viewer, hh.  It requires
IE6 to be installed for the time being, until our shdocvw and mshtml
are up to par.  You'll also need a copy of native itss.dll (it has to
be registered with wine):

$ regsvr32 itss.dll
$ WINEDLLOVERRIDES=shdocvw,mshtml,urlmon,shlwapi,itss=n wine hh helpfile.chm

A few things need to be completed, but not much.  Most noticeably the
toolbar buttons need to be drawn and submitted to wine-patches.  If
you would like to help in that area, send me an email and I'll let you
know how it needs to be done.  The tabs are blank and need filling in.
 Attached is a screenshot of hh in action.  If anyone has any comments
or suggestions, let me know and I'll address those.

James Hawkins
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