wineconsole --backend-user

Robert Lunnon bobl at
Wed Sep 14 03:20:35 CDT 2005

After an underwhelming response to my last query, I dug a little deeper and 
while I'm not too familiar with windows code I can't seem to figure out what 
is wrong with user.c that gives me my funny display. It would seem that 
either bitblt isn't working as advertised or the memory DC isn't being 
written properly (or it's not compatible with the display context). Does 
--backend=user work under Linux ?

Anyway, before I spend a great deal of time on this, I am prompted to ask how 
important is this backend, seeing I have curses working properly. I could 
easily make the user backend default to the curses implementation for 
compatibility short term. Is there a downside to this? Is this something 
that's likely to be deprecated soon ?


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