wineconsole and solaris

Robert Lunnon bobl at
Thu Sep 15 04:22:35 CDT 2005

> did you try to pick up another font for the console and then get back to
>   "Wine Courier" ? Likely, there's a discrepency between font cell size
> (in registry) and what the font actually does.
> A+

I did some more work and it seems that either the memory DC isn't being 
written properly or the bitblt is bad, perhaps referencing the wrong address 
or word format for the source or destination. I no longer think it's a font 
problem since I tried to floodfill the display DC directly and this din't 
work properly either.

There is a report from a linux user that wineconsole --backend=user doesn't 
work properly under linux either. I'm just a bit confused as to the cause 
since this isn't really a part of wine I'm very familiar with.

SInce it's broken under linux, I'm presuming --backend=user isn't very 
important to the functioning of wine ?


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