comctl32.dll: Running siap and modules under wine, first steps

Maximiliano Curia maxy at
Sat Sep 17 15:46:46 CDT 2005


I'm trying to use a program called "siap"[1] under wine. It's the required 
program to pay taxes that the Argentinian government uses.
So, it's quite important for the free software community in Argentina to be 
able to use it in a free software environment. However, I haven't heard 
of any real success on it, so far.

I've been trying to make it run using winetools[2], and differents versions of 
wine. The furthest I've gone, has been with version 20050310 and all the 
"plugins" that winetools provides, installed.

Only then, could I install the application, run it, switch between the 
different modules (although it worked only sometimes), but I can't really use 

There are a couple of important widgets that seem to be incompatible with 
wine. But as I'm not an expert neither in Windows nor in wine, the one I could 
really track down is a TreeView widget (from comctl32.dll) (from the main 
window of the program), that is not fully implemented in wine, and by using a 
native comctl32.dll (I tried using the win98, winme, win2k libraries) the 
widget would work but some of the other stuff, like switching 
to one of the modules wouldn't.

I made a screenshot to make this clearer, the wine version[3] and the w2k 

So, what should I do next?

Is there some documentation of how to implement a certain Windows widget in 

Is anybody working in this dll, or has worked on this widget?

I'd appreciate any comments.


[1] (spanish only)

 /\/\ /\ >< `/

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