HKCU\Software created as volatile?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Sep 17 21:49:38 CDT 2005

"Kimmo Myllyvirta" <kimmo.myllyvirta at> wrote:

> I've met this kind of errors so many times with fresh installs that I 
> finally took a look at what was going on;
> err:winecfg:set_config_key Unable to set configuration key Audio in 
> section Drivers, res=1021
> This error occurs because HKCU\Software is created with 
> REG_OPTION_VOLATILE, thus making it impossible to create non-volatile keys
> under HKCU\Software. This breaks about every app that's trying to create 
> keys under "Software" - like winecfg.
> This is because SystemParametersInfoW in dlls/user/sysparams.c creates 
> the "HKCU\Software\Wine\Temporary System Parameters"
> key with REG_OPTION_VOLATILE - and if you do not have HKCU\Software\Wine 
> already available, they are crated as volatile also.

Please send a patch which fixes SystemParametersInfoW to wine-patches.


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