fix if's that are followed by semicolons

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd+wine at
Tue Sep 20 03:31:30 CDT 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > Could you perhaps create a first version of a shell script tools/find_gotchas ?
> I have other things to do at the moment, so go ahead if you're feeling 
> motivated.  I suspect you'll run into alot of false positives.  There 
> might be a compiler switch to turn on warnings for these things too (ie. 
> statements with no effect).

Gcc-4.0 catches this:

    erikd at miles > cat test.c 
    int main (void)
        if (0)  ;
        return 0 ;
    erikd at miles > gcc-4.0 -W -Wall test.c -o /dev/null
    test.c: In function 'main':
    test.c:3: warning: empty body in an if-statement

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