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Tue Sep 20 12:56:37 CDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Holly Bostick <motub at> wrote:
> YES!!! Where do I sign up?

Hopefully I can make this easier on someone.  Also, I'm cc'ing Scott
Ritchie since he mentioned at one point he was interested in this.

The docs now live in a separate CVS tree, I don't have the details for
that.  After grabbing them from CVS, you'll want to make sure you have
the docbook tools available for compiling.  In the docs directory you
can just do a "make html" or some such in order to generate nicely
viewable material to help with editing.

I started in on this about a year ago and there's a pretty good
outline to work from.  Some of the actual content is just plain wrong
now, but it's probably about 90% accurate.  There have been changes
the the DLL Overrides and Drive Settings part of Winecfg.  I'd also
consider this stuff to be a little light on the configuration side. 
For example, to configure just application settings you need to add an
app on the first tab of winecfg and then make the overrides on the
second tab.  I don't think this discusses how that per-app stuff is
done (it also affects Graphics.)

Last year I sent this to wine-devel talking about it:


For now, the biggest changes can be found in configuring.sgml  (which
translates into the "Configuring Wine" part of the guide.)  A diff is
available here:

However, this stuff is best looked at as a side-by-side comparison with
the existing docs.  You can find that here:

(Not having looked at Mike's recent patches, I'm sure this will soon be out
of date.  Things like drive detection are missing.  There's also parts that
I left undone: such as the printing config, an appendix listing reg keys would
be nice once we know what they all are.  Other parts probably need a
better explanation, such as font configuration.  Anything you notice missing
is probably worth telling me about, though it won't be hard to find lots of

One of the big goals of all this is to reduce the amount of documentation
and outdated stuff.  Therefore, registry.sgml, printing.sgml, and fonts.sgml
have been somewhat merged into configuring.sgml.  fonts.sgml contained a
lot of outdated info in it that probably caused more confusion than helped.

Going forward, we have a lot of documentation in the User Guide about
downloading Wine, compiling Wine, CVS, etc; mostly stuff that's already
duplicated in some form or another on the web site.  I'd like to see as
much stuff like that removed from the User Guide as possible, we can
simply refer people to WineHQ for more info.  (I think the reason for the
duplication is that the website docs simply didn't exist when the User
Guide was written, now the website has superceded the User Guide.)
When it's all said and done we should be left with the following sections:
 - Introduction
 - Configuration
 - Running
 - Troubleshooting


There's enough material on this topic to practically write a book. 
Someone should think about that.


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