Windows CE on Wine

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Tue Sep 20 18:06:01 CDT 2005


On 9/20/05, Filip Navara <navaraf at> wrote:
> We have already made this experiment once ... you can find info about it
> in the ros-dev (or ros-kernel) mailing list archives and skeletons of
> the two WinCE DLLs in the ReactOS SVN history
> (trunk/reactos/lib/commctrl and trunk/reactos/lib/coredll ... revision
> ~14000). It was proved that to run simple WinCE/x86 programs all that is
> needed is to get the loader to accept the WinCE PE signature (which Wine
> used to ignore and probably still does) and have implementation of the
> DLLs...

I had to flip the subsystem ID of a WinCE test app using one of the
msvc build tools. My sample application just called a message box api.
I don't know if any more complex WinCE applications would work due to
threading and memory management differences.


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