Documentation volunteer(s) needed

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Sep 21 03:17:16 CDT 2005


> I'm just about to put it into wined3d, I can have a look at backporting it
> to d3d7 but the idea is to get d3d7 using wined3d at some point.
That would be certainly interesting. Is wined3d ready for this yet? It would 
make much more sense to change this now instead of looking for bugs in D3D7 
when we know it will be removed in the not-so-far future.

> All you have to do is flag the backbuffer when it's cleared as cleared, and
> then at the end of a drawing function flag the backbuffer as not cleared.
> Then when you lock the backbuffer check the flag and if it's flagged as
> cleared just memset the buffer to whatever the clear value is instead of
> doing a glReadPixels (most of the time you don't need the memset because
> the buffer is going to be completely rewritten, on my home pc without the
> hack I get about 10fps max with 100% CPU load, with the hack I get 30fps
> with about 30% CPU load)
I'll look at this. Thanks

> Hmm.. I haven't had any problems with that yet, so long as I'm actually
> using GL_TEXTURE_2D  and providing texture coordinates, in wined3d I
> disable any texture states that aren't used:
Sounds interesting. I'll have a look.


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