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$10,000 Open Challenge
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Author: El Cid Ablang
To: linuxjobs
Subject: $10,000 Open Challenge
SpecOpS Laboratories

$10,000 Open Challenge

            SpecOpS Laboratories (SpecOpS Labs) invites the Philippine

ICT Community to participate in the DAVID Project. We are seeking a
highly talented Consultant or Consulting Team that can contribute to the
DAVID Project.

            SpecOpS Labs is searching the Philippines for Systems-Level

Hacker/s to serve as Development Consultant to the DAVID Project. As
proof or our sincerity, we are offering US$10,000.00* to the first
Consultant or Consulting Team who can take our challenge and prove their
capabilities. Our challenge requires the delivery of a solution that
will allow an MS-XP compatible application to install and run under
Linux using x.org and open source WINE by October 5, 2005.

            So, take the challenge now!

Criteria to Award and Conditions:

1. System has no proprietary software imbedded / required.

2. System is stable.

3. MS-XP compatible modules / functions are working as expected.

4. System becomes the property of SpecOpS Laboratories.

Registration Procedure:

1. Send us an Email indicating your intent to take up the challenge
at <mailto:ablang@???> ablang@???. Attach your
CV(s) or company profile (if applicable).

2. SpecOpS will Email you the Challenge Registration Form and
further instructions.

Challenge Activities:

1. Present the running solution at SpecOpS Labs office before
October 5, 2005.

2. Validation of solution using SpecOpS Labs's criteria.

3. Award immediately.

* All monies in this challenge are subject to tax. The decision of
SpecOpS Labs for the award is final.

LinuxJobs Philippines (linuxjobs@???)
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