WooHoo get a load of this :-)

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Wed Sep 21 12:59:18 CDT 2005

> Subject: $10,000 Open Challenge
> SpecOpS Laboratories

Here's my take from a technical point of view.

I'd say that the only serious leap they might be able to make is to get some 
of the winserver into the Linux kernel and/or to use the freedce. There isn't 
really much more big stuff besides that to do in wine, architecturally I 
mean. Forgetting about the vxds for the moment, that is :)

Otherwise, whatever they might claim as 'innovative' is really just the grunt 
work of implementing missing functionality in wine. And that can easily be 
done in an isolationist fashion, i.e. if they want to develop or reimplement 
some dlls, they just drop ones in wine (if any) and substitute with their 
own. They can also link wine dlls with some of their proprietary dlls that 
implement extra functionality, as long as they stay within LGPL.

The only thing is that so far their PR campaign is all full of spin and hype, 
which might be just their cultural thing, or it might indicate that we're 
still talking vapourware.

What's nice though is that I'm pretty sure that whatever they come up with 
will be reverse-engineered, analyzed and reimplemented back in wine, slowly 
but surely making their 'innovative product' redundant. Executive summary: 
down the drain the VC money goes.

Cheers, Kuba

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