[DOCS, POLICY] Documenting stuff that doesn't work right?

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Thu Sep 22 05:02:10 CDT 2005

Holly Bostick <motub at planet.nl> writes:

> I was installing Icewind Dale, and like all games and Wine-installed
> programs, I meant to install to the partition I have set aside for that
> purpose, which is mounted to /usr/local/games, with a symlink in my home
> directory. So naturally I usually set this partition to be a Wine drive,
> and I prefer to use d: as the browse dialog naturally defaults to the c:
> drive and it's faster to change if I only have to change to the next drive.
> When I went to the 'Drives' tab in winecfg, I had
> c: (of course)
> e: (tmp)
> f: (my home directory)
> z: (/)

There is something wrong here, if you are starting from a clean
install you should only have c: and z:. Did you completely remove your
.wine directory before trying?

> Obviously I know how to get around this, having just done so, but is
> this appropriate to document? Or is it likely to be fixed before the
> updated docs go 'live'? I only ask because I can't think of a way to
> write this up atm without explicitly exposing a flaw in Wine, and Wine
> doesn't really deserve that-- even winecfg doesn't deserve that, being
> much improved from even last month's release (which improvement is
> obvious, even though I've only done this single operation). I mean, I'll
> take notes on everything, but this looks like a policy question to me.

Well, there's a bug here that winecfg doesn't show an existing drive,
this should be fixed. And the policy at this point is to only create
c: and z: by default in wineprefixcreate, the rest is done from
winecfg (either manually or with the autodetect button).

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.org

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