QA'ing wine running elementary school software

dank at dank at
Fri Sep 23 01:59:05 CDT 2005

I'm still looking around to figure out what
software it'd be worth QA'ing under Wine
as Wine approaches 0.9 or 1.0.
Here's a likely set of candidates in
the educational software category, along
with links to free demos and the appropriate
appdb pages:

Free trial:
No info

"Oregon Trail 5"
Free trial:
won't run - can't switch screen resolution

"Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for Schools"
Free trial:,105278&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
no info

- Dan

To figure out what educational software is in use, I searched for
   approved software list elementary school
A few hits included:

That gave me a rough idea of what titles were popular.
I then searched for
  $title approved software
for likely values of $title, and counted hits.
(Searching only .us sites filtered out a lot of
noise, I think, since k-12 schools are much more likely
than software vendors or reviews to have .us domains.)
The results:
10,000 for "accelerated reader" approved software
 9,640 for "print shop" approved software
   502 for "kidspiration" approved software
   420 for "kid pix" approved software
   369 for "oregon trail" approved software
   220 for "reader rabbit" approved software

Taking them from the top:

"Accellerated Reader"
says they have a web version that explicitly
supports Linux clients!  So maybe there's no reason
to work on Accellerated Reader.

"print shop" lives at
and sadly has no free demo.  But $50 isn't too steep
as these things go.

"Kidspiration", free trial available at

"Kid Pix" - there are several versions mentioned (kid pix studio,
kid pix deluxe, kid pix deluxe for schools).
kid pix deluxe 4 for schools lives at,105278&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
and has a free demo, for educators at least.

"Oregon Trail" - Oregon Trail 5 has a free demo, see

"Reader Rabbit" has so many versions I can't pick one
to mention here.

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