WooHoo get a load of this :-)

Marcus Meissner meissner at suse.de
Fri Sep 23 02:22:01 CDT 2005

> I'd say we should all wait till we see what's in the challenge registration 
> form, where they are actually supposed to reveal exactly what those $10k buys 
> them.
> One application doesn't mean much. It can be something huge. It can be 
> something that needs something that wine nowhere near implements. And so 
> on...
> If they're willing to pay someone $10k then either it's not such a trivial 
> job, or their VCs want some sort of demonstration and the SpecOpS people just 
> don't have enough expertise.
> Or it's all just blown out of proportion with $10k being way more than good 
> compensation for the work involved, but someone clueless enough having $10k 
> to toss around.
> Maybe it's just worth for some wine hackers to register and see what comes out 
> of it.

Perhaps its some sort of hiring test. Well, we will see.

Ciao, Marcus

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