[DOCS, POLICY] Documenting stuff that doesn't work right?

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Fri Sep 23 08:58:49 CDT 2005

Alexandre Julliard schreef:
> Holly Bostick <motub at planet.nl> writes:
>> I was installing Icewind Dale, and like all games and
>> Wine-installed programs, I meant to install to the partition I have
>> set aside for that purpose, which is mounted to /usr/local/games,
>> with a symlink in my home directory. So naturally I usually set
>> this partition to be a Wine drive, and I prefer to use d: as the
>> browse dialog naturally defaults to the c: drive and it's faster to
>> change if I only have to change to the next drive.
>> When I went to the 'Drives' tab in winecfg, I had
>> c: (of course) e: (tmp) f: (my home directory) z: (/)
> There is something wrong here, if you are starting from a clean 
> install you should only have c: and z:. Did you completely remove
> your .wine directory before trying?

Well I *thought* I had-- I renamed my current .wine directory (I have
several previous renamed .wine directories in my ~/ folder; the names
all start with .wine, though, such as .wine.borked, .wine.borkedmaybe,
.wine.old and the like. I try to preserve the directories to preserve
the Registries for reference). I also just remembered that I have a /wine
directory containing a drive_c directory from a CVS install of 20050628,
(which I keep forgetting to delete, but I did do an 'extra' make
uninstall in the source directory before I deleted the source directory,
to be sure that it was really removed). Wineinstall did not seem to
think I had any previous wine directories to refer to, it made a new
directory in my home folder normally, so as far as I could see, it was
all all right, but perhaps it was not and this is the source of the
undefined 'wonkiness' I've been experiencing latel, as this is the
second time I've been told that I should only have c: and z: in winecfg,
and I've *never* had just c: and z: on first run (before doing
autodetect or anything, which I prefer in fact not to use and don't feel
I should have to use it).

What I will do is physically move all the old ~/.wine directories  to
another drive which I will unmount, and I will delete the bogus /wine
directory in /usr/local/games (I was experimenting with the ability to
put my .wine directory in a location of my choosing, and thought it
might be good to have it on the same partition as the wine-installed
apps, since a few apps I've run across really want to be installed in
C:\Program Files, or do not let you choose, as in the case of things
like Quicktime, and I don't like spreading my Wine apps across
partitions if I can help it).

I will then make uninstall, make clean, check to make sure that all
vestiges of Wine are gone to the best of my ability, then reinstall with
wineinstall and see what winecfg looks like then. Oh, and I'll catch the
output from wineprefixcreate, in case there's a clue there.

It will take a few hours to get to it, though, RL is making some
demands, and all my current projects are backed up a bit. I'll report if
any of this helps, but if anyone sees anything I've missed in my cleanup
procedure, please tell me.


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