oh, and a question about old config options

Robbert Xerox xerox_xerox2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 23 13:48:15 CDT 2005

Hi, i also would like to ask the following question:
I've sent in a patch to add an option to run
applications in Managed mode (or not). My question is
: what is the status of this option (and others from
the old config file) in current wine: is there a
policy to get rid of these options, or will they
remain in wine. 
ATM this option still helps some apps (like winamp) to
run in a better way. 

Furthermore: will there be an option added to winecfg
where you can set the debug options (like
RelayExclude) or do we have to do this for eternity in
the registry now (which i find rather annoying)

At least: what i as i user would find very handy is
some kind of environment variable where you can set
the searchpath for native dlls. Again, atm this has to
be done in the registry, but a  more userfriendly  way
would be better i think. Any thoughts? 

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