Wine/dlls/GDI/region.c - Optimization

Petr Kobalicek e666e at
Sat Sep 24 19:35:09 CDT 2005

Hi Wine team,

I was reviewed some wine and XOrg code (I was writing a canvas library)
and I have used XOrg region API (in wine project it's in
/dll/GDI/region.c), I have
done some optimizations in round (and elliptic) regions computing and my
code is about 10x faster than original, I was sended an email to XOrg
too, sorry
that i wasn't sending a patch now, but if you are interested I can send
commented sources and wine developers can merge it.

It's very small modification that has about 20 lines, but speed is
increased much, I'm working on another optimizations of regional API and
I probabbly do more things to do things faster.

Kind Regards
Petr Kobalicek

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