new server [Was: [Fwd: Re: [AppDB] new server supports GD2]]

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Sun Sep 25 06:17:45 CDT 2005

* On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> The server had been humming very nicely on Debian since the move. The 
> only glitch was with Mailman, which I'm still very sorry about. I wish 
> mailman allowed me to put the date on the list view.

I would like to notice that at some moment (since when diff files were 
started being recognized as of text/x-diff type) something has changed in 
the web server.  Now all the web clients I can test against daily message 
[*] offers me to download this text/x-diff attachment, while earlier my 
Firefox have been opening them in the current window as renderable files.

Can this change be somehow reverted, please?


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