winspool/tests: New Testsuite

Detlef Riekenberg at
Sun Sep 25 18:44:36 CDT 2005

New Testsuite for GetDefaultPrinter and GetPrinterDriverDirectory

+ Test Printing Environments for GetPrinterDriverDirectory
+ More intensive Testing.
+ Verbose Output with "WINETEST_DEBUG" > 1

* More tests will follow.

If the Patch is to Large (i already removed the Unicode-Tests)
i can split the Testsuite, but this will reduce the amount of testing,
compared to the current CVS.

 - New Testsuite for winspool.drv:
   GetDefaultPrinterA and
   GetPrinterDriverDirectoryA (with different environments)
 - Verbose Output with "WINETEST_DEBUG" > 1

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