[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

Jean Magnan de Bornier jean at bornier.net
Mon Sep 26 02:32:44 CDT 2005

Le 24 septembre à 10:39:53 wino at piments.com écrit notamment:

| Jean,

I nearly totally gave up these days; tried all of wine ebuilds coming with
gentoo; on my system only  20050725-r1 allows me installing ns7 standard. So:

| gentoo ; kernel 2.6.22 with alsa and alsa-oss; wine 20050524; NS 7 pref.

kernel 2.6.12-gentoo-r10, wine-20050725-r1

| I've started going through this from scatch. So far I have got the  
| installer to work by importing riched* from win2k and comdlg32.dll off a  
| dll archive on the web.
| used sidenet to set up the config only.

sidenet 1.8.4, installed with ie6

| refered to frankscorner to install DCOM98 and to run installshield.


| wine regedit to add string value 5.0.2014.0216 to following regkey.
| HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
| So far it installs without error but now on running wine natspeak I get

install quite all right, much quicker than the first times (without
DCOM98), no error messages.

When starting ns the first time, it complains about rpcrt4.dll missing,
got it from the dll archive on the web, then starts fine. 
But I have a difficulty when setting the sound level: when it is done, a
bell starts ringing and nothing seems to be able to stop it.
here's the log:

09:26:36 Opening Topic C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Users\jean\current\Général_
09:26:36 Using static Vocabulary C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Data\fra\fra_general_small\general.svc
09:26:38 opening backdict voc C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Data\fra\fra_general_small\all.bd
09:26:39 (AcOpt) cleanupAcOptSessionArchive()
09:26:43 ASW: Start
09:26:43 ASW: parameters: /ns /l fra /recorderui=0 /mode=LiveInput /title="jean" /help="C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Help\fra\Personal\dragon.chm" /outputwave="C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Users\jean\current\audio.wav" /source=MicMicIn /v5 /outputsettings="C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Users\jean\audioout.dat" /inputsettings="C:\PROG~FBU\ScanSoft\NATU~BD1\Users\jean\audioin.dat" /e 131226 589864

| "cant find nstex50.dll"
| this is odd since it is in the current dir.
| This may be a result of my not having installed IE6 this time but still  
| seems odd.

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