Problem Resolve

j0zue at j0zue at
Mon Sep 26 15:59:42 CDT 2005

I had a problem with Wine20050830 compilation. 
Error: error parse before "BerElement"; 
in lines: 289, 290, 322, 323 in "wine/dlls/wldap32/winldap_private.h" file.  
In file winldap.h I found declaration of BerElement type. This header is not 
included in winldap_private.h.  
I put declaration of BerElement type to winldap_private.h and it resolved 
the problem. 
I tried add line: #include "winldap.h" to winldap.h too, but it makes double 
declaration errors. 
I'm sorry if my English is horrible :) Well I hope my letter  will be helpful. 
Perhaps this error appear only on my computer (?) :D 
Fun of your Wine. 

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