Trying to track down a failure in a native, non-MS DLL for which I have no source

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Tue Sep 27 21:14:35 CDT 2005

I'm trying to get the Delorme packages (AAA MapNGo, Street Atlas) 
running under the latest Wine. They used to work back when Wine used the 
MS DLLs for DCOM, but then they stopped working when Wine started 
supplying their own DCOM DLLS.

Now, they show an inclination to work but for one thing. Both packages 
use a DLL supplied with the package, mapsys32.dll, which appears to be 
the main map drawing code. This DLL appears to attempt to load a file 
FONT.FNT, which appears to be an ASCII file describing certain vector 
objects used to draw maps.

This DLL is failing to load the FONT.FNT file - and that's pretty much a 

So, I'd like to try to track down the problem and see if I can fix it. 
Now, I don't work for Delorme, I don't have the source for the DLL, and 
I am really not a Windows programmer (fortunately I work on embedded 
systems and Linux). So, I'd like a few pointers - how can I commence to 
begin to start on this?

I know the following things:

The FONT.FNT file is being opened (strace shows it being opened).
The mapsys32.dll file is being loaded (WINEDEBUG=+relay shows it)
The mapsys32.dll does not implement DllRegisterServer (regsvr32 says so).
The problem exists even though I've blown away my entire .wine directory 
and recreated it from scratch.
The problem has been in the code for several months, and as of 19 Sept 
2005's CVS it still is.

So, how can I see what is going on with mapsys32.dll?

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