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Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Sep 29 15:51:32 CDT 2005

On 9/29/05, Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at> wrote:
> On 9/29/05, Molle Bestefich <molle.bestefich at> wrote:
> > That said, it seems a bit rude that the 20050830 CVS drop is *still*
> > on the front page of, even after everyone knows
> > that it's missing a patch to compile cleanly.
> >
> > Why not just add the patch to the package and slap it up as '20050830-1' ?
> > Or add a link to the bugzilla entry to the front page ?
> 1.  Adding the Bugzilla entry as a news item is a good idea.  However,
> we're possibly close to a September drop, so at this point it's
> probably easiest to just wait for that.  I'm very open to adding news
> items to the front page, so definitely feel free to drop me an email
> when you think of things like that.  How about WWN coverage instead?

Depends..  Is the CVS drop distributed through other channels than the
winehq front page?
If not, and that one's going away in two days, then it's probably not worth it..

I'd be happy to write up a few lines for WWN if you want something in
there (albeit my english does suck, so beware :-)).

> 2.  CVS drops are just that - drops.  They haven't been compiled on a
> bizillion systems or tested with real-world applications to ensure
> things aren't massively broken.  Furthermore, no work was done to
> stabilize the release other than normal bug fixes.  Instead, it
> represents a point in time where Alexandre ran the regression tests,
> things worked for him, and a tarball was made.  There was discussion
> of that process changing after a beta release is made.
> 3.  Binary packages are highly recommended unless you prefer to muck
> around occasionally with source code.  That probably doesn't apply to
> you since you're reading wine-devel, but for 99% of the people in the
> world they should use the binaries.  In theory we'll catch things at
> that point.

Thanks for the clarifications.  I'm super newbie so I don't know how
these things work - sorry!
Just thought I'd point it out since it seemed noone else had :-/.

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