WWN: Rpm's for Fedora Core 4

Dieter Komendera dieter.komendera at gmx.at
Fri Sep 30 01:08:07 CDT 2005

Hi people,

I read in the today's Wine Weekly News something about rpms for Fedora
Core 4.
In august I begann building some for FC 4. I built rpm's for the july
and the august version.
The rpm's were based on Vincent Beron's. They were downloaded about 700
times from my server.
There is also a mirrorserver that also hosts my rpms. In
fedoraforums.org just one guy reported a problem
with the rpm.
They can be downloaded here:

I'll build also rpms for the coming cvs drop out.
In this, I will take care of things I read in the WWN.

Any comments, improvements, suggestions are very welcome!

Dieter Komendera

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