Release plans

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at
Fri Sep 30 19:22:58 CDT 2005

On 9/30/05, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at> wrote:
> I'll be updating the page
> with bugzilla statistics
> State2005.09.29
> Unconfirmed     836
> New     403
> Assigned        68
> Resolved        421
> Closed  1476

(Sorry 'bout that.  I'm not used to gmail's interface yet.)

Anyway, I'm trying hard to come up with a web page that
makes it easy for even non-wine-developers to help
triage bug reports.  It's changed a fair bit since I first
announced it; if any of you has time to review it, I'd
love to hear your feedback.


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