Budget Dedicated has provided us with a server and a ton of free bandwidth

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Sat Apr 1 01:48:53 CST 2006

Hello folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finished setting up the server
Budget Dedicated has given us.  (http://www.budgetdedicated.com)

Currently it's hosting the APT repository:

deb http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt breezy main
deb-src http://wine.lowvoice.nl/apt breezy main

Now, here's the cool thing: we're not confined by disk space anymore
here, so we can host .deb packages in the APT repository for different
distributions.  This includes backports to Debian Sarge, as well as
forward ports to new versions of Ubuntu like Dapper, or even whatever
other crazy deb distro we want to package.

Budget Dedicated has also given permission for other things to be moved
there, such as the Wine website (or parts thereof).  The server is super
fast and on a very fat pipe in the Netherlands, so for anyone in Europe
it'll almost certainly be better to download things from there.

For now, however, it's just an APT repository, and the APT repository
just has Ubuntu Breezy packages, however it would be very easy to add
packages for other distributions or architectures - just send me an
email and I can take care of it.

Scott Ritchie

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