Direct3D, the kernel and ReactOS

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Apr 1 03:45:18 CST 2006

Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 11:03 schrieben Sie:
> If you look back at the wine-devel archives, this point was discussed at
> the moment 'wined3d' was started (i.e. do we go the MS way with HAL / HEL /
> ... or our own way with 'wined3d').
I searched the archives, but I didn't find anything. Well, IMO it's quite hard 
to find anything in the archives, I even have problems finding my own 
mail :-|

> And the conclusion was that the DDK interfaces being poorly documented (no
> idea if they are even *publicly* documented - thus leading to all sort of
> legal mess if you implement Windows' internal APIs) and that they should
> not be used by external applications (thus enabling MS to change them for
> each new DirectX revision) made us choose the other way.
But I think one needs the ddk for more information. Many links give a 404 
error :( . And the ReactOS developers say that a lot of this interface 
documentation is incorrect.
Ms has to document all this, because the device drivers sit on the other side 
of this interface if I'm not mistaken.

Ah, and another thing: Do not look at the ReactOS Direct3D and DirectDraw 
sources, GreatLord told me that they are dirty reverse engineered. (I didn't 
look at them eighter, luckily)


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