Direct3D, the kernel and ReactOS

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Sat Apr 1 10:13:24 CST 2006

Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 12:54 schrieb Stefan Dösinger:
> Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 11:53 schrieb Lionel Ulmer:
> > On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 11:45:18AM +0200, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> > > Ms has to document all this, because the device drivers sit on the
> > > other side of this interface if I'm not mistaken.
> >
> > Of course it is documented for people in companies like NVIDIA or other
> > IHVs, but well, it's not publicly documented (AFAIK - I would gladly be
> > proven otherwise).
> >
> > I would not be surprised to see the full DDK documentation coming with
> > license agreements or NDAs.
> Hm.
> Didn't read that fully yet, but if I find the time I'll read it. I think
> the source code of the reference rasterizer comes with the driver
> development kit. But I know that I shouldn't try to get hold of the DDK
> before checking the license. Well, I guess it's a no-no for Wine developers
> :-|
Just tried to read that EULA (now my brain hurts). Doesn't look too well (may 
only be used to write drivers for Microsoft Windows, nothing else). Probably 
invalid in the EU, but I'm not sure. 

Anyway, the Vista WDF stuff seems to have a more suitable license (you may 
redistribute sourcecode, writing documentation is not forbidden, and the 
license even states that you may do whatever is legal with the stuff if you 
don't live in the United States) AFAICT:

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