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Sat Apr 1 10:59:58 CST 2006

On 4/1/06, Derek Fawcus <dfawcus at> wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 01:33:18PM -0600, Tom Spear wrote:
> > Hi all, this is a call for volunteers.  I am hoping that certain
> developers
> > participating in another thread are willing to rewrite the keyboard
> code,
> > but we need people to test.  If you are interested, please reply here
> saying
> > that you are interested, and what kind of keyboard you use, as well as
> the
> > layout you use under X.  I will be creating a wiki page for this project
> > once the people who will be taking on this rewrite confirm that they
> will do
> > so, and will post the link to this thread as soon as it is created.
> >
> > The purpose of this rewrite is to (hopefully) fix all of the problems
> people
> > have with key mappings, characters not showing up as expected, race
> > conditions, characters not showing up at all, etc, and hopefully allow
> us to
> > close out many of the bugs in bugzilla having to do with the keyboard.
> Well I'd be willing to try,  as I have a peculier keyboard layout,  and
> failed
> on my first attempt to hack the wine source to match,  it seemed to ignore
> what I specified wrt to symbol changes.  But then I did not try debugging
> it.
> I'm using a UK layout 105 key keyboard,  with a few changes that make if
> more
> like a teminal keyboard,  so it is a bit of a weird mix between a USA and
> a
> UK mapping.  Some of the choices derive from the fact that this is plugged
> in to a UK layout IBM T40,  and so the extra windows are missing when
> using
> the native keyboard.
> The descriptions below apply to the layout of the external keyboard,  not
> they
> laptop layout.
> The key Marked 'Esc' (to left of F1) generates Backslash (or Bar when
> shifted)
> Some of the number row is remapped to be more like the USA/Terminal form:
>    Key to left of '1!' (keycode 49) generates Escape (like a proper
> terminal)
>    Shift of '2' gives At          (normally Quotedbl)
>    Shift of '3' gives NumberSign  (normally Sterling)
>    AltGR of '3' gives Sterling
>    AltGR of '4' gives EuroSign
> I had to change the results generated by keys to the right of 'L' such
> that
> they made sense.  So I also have a bunch of quotes there:
> The key to the right of ';:',  marked as "'@',  keycode 48 gives the
> following:
>     Unshifted            Apostrophe            (normal,  as marked)
>     Shifted              QuoteDbl              (normally At)
>     AltGR                LeftSingleQuoteMark
>     AltGR+Shift          LeftDoubleQuoteMark
> The key to the right of that one,  marked as "#~',  keycode 51 gives the
> following:
>     Unshifted            Grave                 (normally NumberSign)
>     Shifted              AsciiTilde            (normal,  as marked)
>     AltGR                RightSingleQuoteMark
>     AltGR+Shift          RightDoubleQuoteMark
> Caps Lock (to left of 'A') gives is a duplicate Control_L,  and no key
> generates Caps Lock
> The key marked '\|' to the right of the left shift key,  is a duplicate
> Shift_L
> The left windows key (between left shift and left alt) generates Super_L
> The right windows key (between AltGR and Menu key) generates Super_R
> The Menu key (between right windows key and right control key) generates
> Alt_R
> The AltGR key is ISO_Level3_Shift,  and when shifted is Multi_key.  But
> I've never
> found a use for Multi_key yet.
> DF

Ok.  Are these outputs that you are giving us what the keyboard shows under
a native app, or what they currently show under wine?  What layout do you
pick under X?  en_US, en_GB, pc105 no dead keys?


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