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Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 18:21 schrieb Willie Sippel:
> OK, but it should work with cards that do hardware acceleration then (eg,
> SB Audigy), with emulation disabled and acceleration set to full? Another
> idea could be to use realtime-lsm I think (grants realtime permissions to
> specific non-root users or groups)? It's quite common, anyway, even if it's
> not part of the mainline kernel right now...
> So, Wine could be set to a specific group (wine or audio), and we recommend
> to install realtime-lsm and set it up for the wine group - that should do
> the trick without having to run as root?
Just tested Mike's patch with realtime-lsm. Running Wine as regular user now 
gives perfect audio with no stutter for every application I tried so far. So 
yes, realtime-lsm actually does the trick - me happy! ;)
I load realtime-lsm with "gid=18 mlock=1 allcaps=1" (gid 18 is audio), and set 
wineserver to root:audio. Easy solution, great results!

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