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Sun Apr 2 15:53:23 CDT 2006

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>Mike Hearn <mike at> writes:
>>I'm not sure it counts as easy. At least Fedora and SUSE already have an
>>LSM module loaded, for SELinux and AppArmor respectively. Some solution
>>based on making wineserver suid root might work but I didn't get anywhere
>>when I played with that.
>You're missing the point. The problem is not "how can we bypass system
>protections?", the problem is "how can we achieve what we want without
>having to bypass anything?". These things are restricted to root
>precisely because they can screw up the system, and that's not a power
>we want to give to random Win32 apps. What we need is a mechanism that
>is safe enough to be enabled by default on all systems, without
>requiring suid root or similar hacks.
Alex, I got one idea: Wine-level timeslicing. While this would be doing 
what the standard VM system in all OSes does already, it would allow for 
us to priortize processes within Wine, controlled by Wine.
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