wine / fontforge regression

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Apr 3 00:31:28 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> Missing fontforge means that you don't have Wine builtin fonts which
> leads to the above problems. The solution obviously is to install
> fontforge or use a binary Wine package instead.

The problem is that it's not immediately obvious that FontForge is 
required, and most people don't have it installed.

How about we use one of the following solutions:

* put a warning about this in configure

* add the prebuild .ttf files to the source package and fall back to 
those if we don't have fontforge (not many people modify the .sfd files)

* write a wine utility to convert .sfd files to .ttf files  (difficult, 
as fontforge is not LGPL licensed, but the authour might give us 


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