wine / fontforge regression

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Apr 3 03:00:57 CDT 2006

"Mike McCormack" <mike at> wrote:

> The problem is that it's not immediately obvious that FontForge is 
> required, and most people don't have it installed.
> How about we use one of the following solutions:
> * put a warning about this in configure
> * add the prebuild .ttf files to the source package and fall back to 
> those if we don't have fontforge (not many people modify the .sfd files)
> * write a wine utility to convert .sfd files to .ttf files  (difficult, 
> as fontforge is not LGPL licensed, but the authour might give us 
> permission).

It's OK that most people don't have fontforge installed, that just means
that people who can't cope with compiling from source and can't satisfy
all the required dependencies to create a working binary shouldn't do it.
They need to use a prepackaged one from a confidential source who knows
what is needed and how to resolve the dependencies.

This is a developers list after all.


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