wine / fontforge regression

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Apr 3 03:03:51 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> It's OK that most people don't have fontforge installed, that just means
> that people who can't cope with compiling from source and can't satisfy
> all the required dependencies to create a working binary shouldn't do it.
> They need to use a prepackaged one from a confidential source who knows
> what is needed and how to resolve the dependencies.
> This is a developers list after all.

There's plenty of people who think they're qualified to compile from 
source (*cough* Gentoo *cough*), and don't realize that anything from 
missing dependencies to different compiler flags can cause trouble.

These people will file an endless stream of bug reports, and waste our 
time if we don't fix this somehow.


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