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Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Tue Apr 4 06:29:05 CDT 2006

MF wrote:
> Tom, Robert,
> First and above all thanks for your kind answers. First time I post for
> help (I usually get myself out of trouble by reading other people's q&a)
> and I was touched by the "net magic"...
> Installing the ia32-libs-dev package and running the uninstall / install
> procedure supressed the compiler error message.
> I now get an error when trying to run wineprefixcreate :
> quote
> cp: cannot stat
> `/wine/wine-0.9.11~winehq1/tools/../share/wine/wine.inf': No such file
> or directory
> unquote
> winecfg is simply "not found"
> under /usr/local/bin/ I only have:  wine  wine-kthread  wine-preloader
> wine-pthread
> I reattach the config.log
> Is there a binary package for the x86_64 bit architecture planned for a
> not too distant future ?
> With kind regards,
> Miguel

I'm not sure what causes this, but you can manually compile winecfg by 
going to your build dir and doing cd ./programs/winecfg and doing make 
&& sudo make install

As for wineprefixcreate I'm not sure.  try running make && sudo make 
install again (without doing make distclean or anything else) and see if 
that just happens to create it.  If not, go thru all the steps over 
again, with 1 minor change..  When you run make dep change the command 
line to this:

make dep && make && sudo make install &>build.log

Then  when it drops you back to the command line (after silently 
rebuilding), attach the file here.

If you want to see what it does while still logging the output, just run 
tail -f build.log

Hope that helps


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