Mike Hearn mike at
Tue Apr 4 10:00:54 CDT 2006

> Hmm, difficult :-\
> I don't have any game candidate here, and frankly I don't even have a current
> Wine install...

Getting a new Wine is easier than a new kernel :) The game I played with 
is a demo, available here:

It's a really fun game, kinda like Civ in space :) Try it!

> Stuff like that really shouldn't happen given that many people (among
> those also Windows core developers) say that our scheduling and thread creation
> performance usually beats Windows XP hands down.

So they do. Nonetheless _something_ is going wrong here, lots of people 
report these problems and for me audio isn't even stable with native 
apps. I am using the Compiz compositor and switching virtual desktops 
(which rotates a screen-sized cube) often causes audio glitches. So 
maybe it's 3D graphics related (though audio was never rock solid even 
before Xgl/compiz ...)

And no I guess it's not some nvidia sched_yield problem as Xgl works 
just fine here.

thanks -mike

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