wine / fontforge regression

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Tue Apr 4 10:18:23 CDT 2006

> >   err:font:ReadFontDir Can't open directory
> >   "/usr/local/bin/../lib/../share/wine/fonts/"
> >
> > when fontforge isn't installed.
> Missing fontforge means that you don't have Wine builtin fonts
> which leads to the above problems. The solution obviously is to
> install fontforge

Yes, as stated in my original report to wine-devel: "when fontforge
isn't installed".  And I can easily fix my problem up front by using
'grep -v ReadFontDir' or installing it.  That's not the point.

The point is that your coding style is bad here.

 * It's a compile-time problem, but you ERR about it at run-time.

 * You do not tell in your error message what the ground cause for the ERR is.

So much for the criticism; here's a suggestion.

First, being that FontForge is an _optional_ dependency, it's implied
that Wine works fine without it.  And so it does.  Therefore you should
not spam my console with ERR messages when Wine runs <anything>.  Please
make it stop doing that (again)?  This is the "regression" part by the way.

Second, at the end of the ./configure process, warn the compilee that
feature X, Y and Z has been disabled because this-and-that dependency was
not fulfilled.  "Your fonts will look weird because there was no FontForge"
or something akin would be a good hint delivered at the right time.

> It's OK that most people don't have fontforge installed, that just
> means that people who can't cope with compiling from source [...]
> shouldn't do it.

I find that arrogant.  You're saying that anyone who doesn't know
about the intimacies of how Wine handles fonts should stay away
from compiling it in the first place.

 - "Don't even mess with the code if you don't know how it's font
    rendering works.  I'm not even kidding!"

 - "But I wan't to learn to code Wine and to contribute..."

 - "F*** off!  Learn somewhere else, come back when yer' grown-up."

If that's the official CW or WINE-DEVEL consensus, then ok..

> > Also, take a look at the path above.
> > It's relative to '/usr/local/bin', ok - but why the double descend
> > into the parent directory?
> > The "../lib" seems completely redundant with the "../share" coming
> > right after it.
> That's a feature of a now fully relocatable Wine installation.

I know.  You missed the point.

We'll just try again:
Why        "/usr/local/bin/../lib/../share/wine/fonts/"
instead of "/usr/local/bin/../share/wine/fonts/"

Might this be a bug?

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