Con Kolivas kernel at
Tue Apr 4 09:10:37 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 00:06, Mike Hearn wrote:
> > Is it kernel dependant? Does 2.6.11 for example exhibit the problem or
> > only recent kernels? Or has noone tried an older kernel like that?
> I think this has been a problem since time immemorial. Previous
> discussions like this one have always gone around in the same circle -
> it needs root what do we do oh dear i guess we'll do nothing.
> The discussion has only started again in the last few days because I sat
> down and produced a patch that fixes the games, and prints a "Please run
> Wine as root to fix this game" message to the console.
> So, we appear to be at an impasse:
> *  Alexandre doesn't want something that requires root.
> *  The mainline kernel won't be getting SCHED_ISO.
> *  Fixing the apps (assuming that is the problem) is likely to be
>     mind-blowingly hard.
> Potentially some solution can be figured out in Wine itself, but I've
> not seen any good suggestions yet.
> I think for now I shall just maintain this patch out of tree so savvy
> users can apply it and get glitch-free audio. I have never been
> convinced by this sacred devotion to avoiding SCHED_FIFO: the
> restrictions behind it make total sense on a server where you have
> multiple users who may be untrusted. I doubt most end-users care on a
> desktop with a readily accessible reset button. A game goes batty and
> hangs the machine - oh well, hit reset and don't play it again. Problem
> solved.

Don't give up now as you will convince everyone else there is no solution and 
only your patch will make games work. Your attitude is defeatist because 
you're convinced that real time scheduling is your saviour. I'm trying to 
help you here, so can you  do me one favour and try 2.6.17-rc1 without any 
special patches and tell me how it currently performs?


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