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Date: Apr 4, 2006 8:16 PM
Subject: Re: Wined3d/OpenGL question
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On 4/4/06, Jason Green <jave27 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I'm trying to debug the
> cause of a 502 error ( GL_INVALID_OPERATION ) from glDrawElements() in
> drawprim.c (line 1251).  This is for Civilization 4 using both
> hardware vertex & pixel shaders.  I've only noticed this error when it
> is passed GL_TRIANGLES with a large number of vertices.
> Here's a sample output with a little extra debugging info, and cleaned
> up a little:
> trace:d3d_draw:primitiveToGl TRIANGLES
> trace:d3d_draw:drawPrimitiveDrawStrided begin number of indices6144,
> number of vertices1156
> trace:d3d_draw:drawPrimitiveDrawStrided end number of indices6144,
> number of vertices1156
> ...
> trace:d3d_draw:drawPrimitiveDrawStrided Using pixel shader
> trace:d3d_draw:drawPrimitiveDrawStrided
> glBindProgramARB(GL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB, pixelShader->prgId); call ok
> drawprim.c / 1846
> trace:d3d_draw:drawPrimitiveDrawStrided
> glEnable(GL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB); call ok drawprim.c / 1850
> trace:d3d_draw:drawStridedFast (0x7fd98890) : glElements(4, 6144, 0, ...)
> fixme:d3d_draw:drawStridedFast >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 502 from
> glDrawRangeElements @ drawprim.c / 1251
> Often, a series of these errors will result in an unhandled exception
> in libglcore.so.1 (nvidia binary 8178 driver for a 6600GT,
> kernel).
> I read up on the glDrawElements() function and it refered to the
> GetIntegerv() function for GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES.   When I call
> that function, it returns 4096, and the number of vertices that it's
> trying to pass is larger than that.  I've tried doing a min() of the
> max and the actual # of vertices, but the results are the same.
> So, the question is:  Could this be one of the causes of the graphical
> glitches I'm seeing?  I can toy around with these functions all day,
> but I don't really understand them all that well.  Does that routine
> need to be reworked to split up a D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST into multiple
> calls if the calculated number of vertices/indices is too high for the
> user's graphics card?  Or, am I way off base thinking this has any
> bearing on my real issues?
> Thanks,
> Jason
hints, and not actual limits to how many vertices or indices that the driver
can handle.


"Implementations denote recommended maximum amounts of vertex and index
data, which may be queried by calling glGet with argument
greater than the value of GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES, or if count is greater
than the value of GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES, then the call may operate at
reduced performance. There is no requirement that all vertices in the range
[start,end] be referenced. However, the implementation may partially process
unused vertices, reducing performance from what could be achieved with an
optimal index set."


"GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glDrawRangeElements is executed
between the execution of glBegin and the corresponding glEnd."
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