Con Kolivas kernel at
Tue Apr 4 19:49:21 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 11:42, Segin wrote:
> Although I have ALSA in my kernel, I also use the OSS compatability, and
> on top of that, use more regulary than ALSA directly. I use OSS in Wine
> cause the WineALSA driver is fustrating, and wants odd settings
> (something about DirectSound emulation -- I don't get it)
> I can use ALSA if I need to, but I prefer the working legacy API

It's not a matter of whether the legacy API works or not, it's the fact that 
using ALSA allows proper blocked threading which means it's the best way to 
access the sound card without unnecessary cpu usage and substantially 
increasing the risk of sound stuttering. WineALSA needs to be the default in 
my opinion and if it's frustrating to set up that probably needs some 


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