Invisible fonts regression

Troy Rollo wine at
Wed Apr 5 23:07:46 CDT 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 13:54, Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) 

> Is there not an option for debian users similar to rpm's --nodeps option
> where it doesnt check the dependencies but installs anyways?

There is, but it's bad mojo to use it - it will hurt down the track more than 
it will to build a backport.

Given the problems with older fontforge, it would be nice if the configure 
script verified that the fontforge version in use was recent enough to work. 
The problem is there are 21 versions between the two versions I have tested, 
so unless we're willing to just say "20051205 or higher" somebody will have 
to figure out which of those is the first viable version.

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