tasklet - sfd2ttf - eliminate dependency on FontForge (for anybody who's interested)

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Thu Apr 6 00:21:34 CDT 2006


Wine's build time dependency on FontForge is causing a bit of a problem, 
as can be seen by browsing the wine-devel archives for the last month.

I propose that a small sfd2ttf utility be written and used instead of 
FontForge to eliminate the dependency, and make everybody a little happier.

George Williams, the author of FontForge, is happy for us to use his 
code under LGPL, providing that we give the correct attributions.  He'd 
probably like to sign off on the final code though.

Alexandre agrees with the idea of an sfd2ttf utility, and is likely to 
accept it into the Wine tree, provided that is small enough (read 1/2 
files) and is appropriately cut down.

As I'm busy with my day job at the moment, we're only missing somebody 
to write it.   Any volunteers?


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