Invisible fonts regression

Jan Zerebecki jan.zerebecki at
Thu Apr 6 06:49:28 CDT 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 01:49:52PM +1000, Troy Rollo wrote:
> The problem is due to an old version of fontforge. In Debian, version 
> 0.0.20041218-0.1 generates incorrect ascent information for the Windows font 
> header. Version 0.0.20051205-0.1 gets it right. For Debian users, 
> 0.0.20051205-0.1 is only available in testing and higher. Unfortunately 
> 0.0.20051205-0.1 depends on other things from testing (such as libc6 >= 
> 2.3.5-1), so if you want to build on a pure Sarge system you will need to 
> either do without fontforge, build it yourself, or find a backport somewhere. has it.


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