new to wine, Guild Wars don't display correctly

BONNEL Christophe mage.tophinus at
Thu Apr 6 14:44:52 CDT 2006

Stefan Dösinger a écrit :

>> So, i have just reported them the problem and explain that it works with
>>dri, so i hope they will make something to correct it....
>Don't expect too much from at :( Just have a look at the linux driver forum at 
I know that but if noone annoy them, they will never do anything ...

Thanks for the tips, I have tried with my debian sarge but all does not 
work because driconf is not available, but i have an unstable on an 
other partition, i will try later. With only the options in Xconfig 
file, i switch to 1700fps, thanks !!!

I use now wine.0.9.11 deb package and i have this repeating error (not a 
fixme) :
err:d3d:IWineD3DDeviceImpl_ActiveRender cannot get valides GLXFBConfig 
for (22,WINED3DFMT_X8R8G8B8)/(75,WINED3DFMT_D24S8)
It doesn't seem to modify anything with the game but is it important for 
you ? Does i do something as "winedebug=+ ***" for more information on 
this to help you ???

Note that the game is unplayable because it lags and lags and lags. I 
must wait 3 to 5 minutes before my character appears. And when i move, i 
see an image approximatively each second, it is jerky... I think it 
comes from the thing you said before : poor performance, but i prefer 
announce to others wine users what the results are now...


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