Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Apr 7 04:47:08 CDT 2006

> If we add 'intelligent' (i.e. 'lazy' or 'just in time' :-) ) state change
> evaluation it could even be pretty efficient code-wise (maybe not so
> efficient in the GL driver though as it may lead to more 'pipeline flushes'
> than the 'hacky' solution).
I think we need to set the context before the first gl call in a thread. It 
should be enought to do a ckeck in ENTER_GL() if a context is set for the 
current thread, and if not create one and set it.

I think we need a mutex or something simmilar for all the object structures 

> I once wanted to toy with this in the DDraw code base but well, seeing that
> it will phased out pretty soon I did not do any work on it. On the other
> hand I could try for some specific games (like DungeonSiege) as an
> experiment to then port it over to WineD3D.
Multithreaded d3d was one of the reasons for my decision to port ddraw over to 
wined3d. Once it's implemented in wined3d all versions have it :)
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