[PATCH 1/3] winedos: better MSCDEX emulation

Petr Tesarik hat at tesarici.cz
Fri Apr 7 06:47:25 CDT 2006

Hi everyone,

has this patch been rejected?  If so, could anyone tell me why?

Yes, I know that neither the API, nor the include files are ideal yet,
but fixing it would produce a really huge patch, which is AFAIK
something you don't like at all.

Anyway, with this patch and my other patches applied (including one to
the Linux kernel, which was accepted in 2.6.15), I can now run Kindler
Literaturlexikon with Wine.  And I'd enjoy adding that application to
the appdb.


Dne 03/31/06 v 14:29:38 (+0200), Petr Tesarik napsal(a):
> Hi,
> while I was trying to make Kindler Literaturlexikon work in Wine, I
> found out that this program uses a DOS program to access the CDROM,
> and that it requires a real working MSCDEX device driver (and not only
> that, the driver has to reside in a different segment than the DOS
> core).
> To make the patches as small as possible, I've split the patch into
> several parts.
> This part just moves some declarations from devices.c to dosexe.h, so
> that the code in devices.c can be used from other source files.
> ChangeLog:
> * dlls/winedos/devices.c, dlls/winedos/dosexe.h:
> winedos: move some declarations to the header file

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