DDraw over WineD3D - Indexed colour visuals

BONNEL Christophe mage.tophinus at free.fr
Fri Apr 7 08:59:57 CDT 2006

>>>At the moment I have problems with LockRect / UnlockRect, described here:
>>>http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20060213.220622.51814d8e.en.html (The
>>>sf.net archives broke the attachmet). This is needed for DDraw, and it's
>>>also a showstopper for many D3D7 games.
>>Hmm, what application are you using to test this? (if you haven't already
>>fixed the issue).
> I have written a small test app, which I attached to this mail. It works like 
> this:
> Pressing ESC quits, pressing any other key makes a d3dclear with a color based 
> on the key pressed. This works nice everywhere.
> On a click with the left mouse button anywhere, the back buffer is locked, 
> filled with 0xff, unlocked and presented. This should fill the screen with a 
> white color, but instead nothing happens.
> The app works as it should on nvidia cards, but it fails with mesa software 
> rendering and with the open source radeon driver and fglrx in most cases.
> Maybe I can take a look at that this weekend, but no promises.
> Stefan
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have tested your application directly(wine ./main) and it seems to 
work for me. (note that i can't compile it because i don't have 
It switch to 640*480 and when i press a key (or left mouse button), all
the screen changes to a color (to white for mouse except a little part 
in the bottom right that shows a tiny code bars). But when i use ESC
key, i quit the application but doesn't back to my 1024*768 mode. I must
restart my X server (crtl+alt+backspace) and re-login.
As you say it appears not to work with open source driver, it works for
me who use dri driver. If you have another tests or you need more 
information on my system, i can help you


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